Tax Savings Examples

$300,000 Credit

Can capture Federal and California credits. You can use the credit against your liability the quarter after you file.

$400,000 Credit

Federal and New York state credits. You can use the credit against your liability the quarter after you file.

$1,300,900 Credit

Federal and Florida state credits. You can use the credit against your liability the quarter after you file.

Start Up

A software startup in Los Angeles raised two million dollars in seed funding. They’ve hired engineers but have no revenue.

Small-Mid Size Business

A manufacturing business in New York is generating revenue and growing year over year.

Large Business

A Florida engineering company has had substantial growth the past five years leading to big profits.

Claim valuable R&D Tax credits

R&D Tax Credits result in an immediate benefit to a company by reducing, current and future years’ federal tax liability—creating a ready source of cash. The credit provides a dollar-for-dollar offset against taxes owed or paid, which differs from a deduction.

Tributan has collected over

$200 Million dollars

in R&D Credits for its clients.

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Dollars You Earned But Didn’t Know You Had

Companies in the US currently claim over 15 billion dollars in R&D credits yearly, but most still go to Fortune 500 corporations. In 2016 changes to the tax code created access for pre-revenue startups, small, and medium size companies to claim significant credits.

Companies Have Access to Capital They Never Had Before

  • Software

    As software companies are raising seed, Series A, Series B and spending money on employees without revenue, we can capture credits against payroll tax.

  • Manufacturing

    All the wages and supply costs spent on testing new products before implementation can all be captured.

  • Consumer & Retail

    There is more that qualifies here than one might initially assume, let us walk you through the benefits.

  • Energy

    Energy innovation is at the heart of the R&D credit, a lot of the development dollars spent can be reinvested.

  • Technology

    If technology is at the core of your industry there is most likely credits waiting for you.

  • Engineering & Construction

    Innovation is at the heart of the Engineering and Construction industry, and companies that invest in research and development (R&D) activities are entitled to claim R&D tax credits.

Our Three Step Process

We maximize the value of the credits while reducing the time to obtain them. Our focus is to minimize the time it takes to complete the process ensuring the maximum ROI for your time, which begins with our FREE assessment.

Kick Off Call

We conduct an initial 30 min Kick Off Call with our clients to deep dive into the business and highlight areas where there is significant value.

Value Assessment

After we begin our analysis we will jump on a call to walk through the estimtaed value and determine best method to move forward.

Final Numbers Delivery & Planning

Once we conclude our analysis we will provide the final numbers and an executive summary highlighting our approach. Once the numbers are finalized we will discuss next year and help you determine the best methods to maximize the value of the credits.

Find Out Your Eligibility

Want to know if you’re eligible and how much you can claim? Tributan’s complimentary R&D review will answer these questions.

​Fill out your information and our team of specialists will get you on your way to taking advantage of the R&D Credit.