About Us

We’re Tributan, a premier CPA and business advisory firm, based in Houston, Texas.

We Maximize The Good To Grief Ratio Giving You Significant Roi

We’re trusted by hundreds of companies and have amazing relationships with our partners all across the country. We work to not only maximize the value of the credits but also minimize the time it takes so that you can operate your business knowing were there to handle what’s needed.

Our Specialties

At Tributan, we focus on maximizing the value of the credits while reducing the time to obtain them. Our focus is to minimize the time it takes to complete the process ensuring the maximum ROI for your time

  • Specialize in all industries

    We’ve worked with companies in over forty industries and have expertise in assisting businesses across the U.S. in maximizing their value.

  • Extensive experience

    At Tributan we have nearly 15 years of experience with the R&D credit, and have a thorough understanding of the best ways to take advantage.

  • Accuracy through detailed analysis

    We focus on the analysis since that directly impacts the value of the credits, and its accuracy. We do in depth interviews and reviews of financial documentation to ensure were capturing every dollar possible.

  • Maximum value creation

    Our mission is to get money back into growing companies so they can innovate and hire. We focus on maximizing value so you can reinvest the proceeds and scale your business.

The Team


Patrick Shelley

Founder & CEO


Melissa Casey

West Coast Sales Director


Mark Roberts

East Coast Sales Director


Ryan Miller

National Sales Director


James Heinbaugh

Director of Implementation


Ross Cunningham

Director of Operations


Maria Gomez

Business Development Director


Paul Thomas

Marketing Director


Andrew Bryce

Implementation Manager


Michelle Davis

Implementation Manager


Winnie Saniel

Business Manager


Arghel Estrada

West Coast Business Development Associate


Peyton Lee

South East Business Development Associate


Rose Ronquillo

Marketing Associate


Joyce Kandt

Senior R&D Tax Credit Specialist


Haider Raja

Senior R&D Tax Credit Specialist

Mission Statement

At Tributan, our mission is to keep America the innovation factory of the world. For hundreds of years, people have looked to the U.S. to push the boundary of what’s possible and we have created many of the technologies that we enjoy in our everyday life. Tributan is a leading provider of research & development tax credits.

While we are not creating breakthrough technologies, we are leveraging the power of research & development tax credits to ensure that as many businesses as possible can do just that. Invention and innovation are what determine the success or failure of companies. With our help, our clients establish and maintain leadership roles in their given industry through the creation of technologies that improve our world. One project at a time.

We provide a comprehensive suite of advisory services spanning: