CPA Partners

More Services…Stronger Relationships…More Money

More Services…
Stronger Relationships…
More Money

We partner with CPA’s providing this specialized service with a white label approach

Our partnership allows you to offer this unique service and make more money while presenting us as a specialized extension of your team that is focused on providing excellent service and benefits, all designed to strengthen the relationship between you and your client.

Over 15 billion handed out annually, yet 85% of the market still not claiming it. Your clients will thank you for making them part of the 15% getting these benefits:

  • Dollar-for-dollar reduction in federal and state income tax liability
  • Recognize prior years unclaimed credits for open tax year
  • Increased cash flow and profitability
  • Reduction of effective tax rate
  • Credits carried forward up to 20 years

over $15 billion

handed out annually, yet 85% of the market still not claiming it.




Founder and CEO

“Given deep ties to the startup community, entrepreneurs, and growth companies in general, we found it necessary to bring the same level of service and expertise to R&D Tax Credits. After a long search and working with many of the top names in the industry, we partnered with Tributan due to their exceedingly high standards in alignment with our ongoing commitment to remaining the highest quality service in the marketplace.”

Complimentary R&D Review

Want to know if you’re eligible and how much you can claim? Tributan’s complimentary R&D review will answer these questions.

Fill out the “Am I Eligible?” section and our team of specialists will get you on your way to taking advantage of the R&D Credit.